Ivy assists closely-held Indian Companies to sell out to U.S.A. & Other Multinational Buyers

The singular focus of the sell-side services of Ivy Capital Advisers is to:

Assist mid-market firms to divest to large strategic global acquirers.

Assist mid-market firms to divest to large strategic global acquirers.

Privately owned companies can reach a stage where the sale of their business represents the best outcome for shareholders and directors.

Opportunities for selling-out to multinationals abound, but need to be carefully crafted. Multinationals often pay a premium to acquire companies that fit their strategic expansion goals.

There is now renewed foreign interest to enter the Indian market through acquisition of suitable businesses.

Ivy Capital Advisers (“Ivy”) has singular expertise in arranging for the sale of middle market companies to large global corporations, from the United States and other industrial nations. Over 30+ years, the experience of our principals has ranged from corporate executive work in mergers and acquisitions to entrepreneurial ownership of their own businesses. Ivy fully understands the deep emotional attachment private owners have to their companies, and is mindful of all they had to go through to make the business successful.

Ivy has a unique perspective and deep knowledge of both sides—the large corporate buyer’s acquisition process, as well as the specific needs and sentiments of sellers in desiring to exit from lifelong family or closely held companies.

If your company in India is ready for exit, an initial complimentary consultation with ICA will provide an excellent primer on moving forward.

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