[Your] heavy duty industry research has been invaluable in [our company’s] marketing and planning.
— General Manager, filtration company
An excellent reference for targeting expansion of our component sales to [OEMs] — a very good value.
— General Manager, air dryer manufacturer
I am impressed with your heavy duty OEM report and anticipate its being a great resource.
— Marketing Manager, controls company
The•[diesel] directory was received last week. It looks like it will be very useful.
— Sales Manager, heater manufacturer
Thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided with the diesel OEMs•and helping get the computer side right.
— Editor, trade journal
I am impressed with the quality of your study work.
— Marketing Manager, brake manufacturer
Reports•by your company are of great use. Your special report•is our prime source of information on this market.
— Marketing Manager, transportation equipment manufacturer
We would like to use•information from your study•on a bond issue•with the Securities Exchange Commission.
— Marketing Manager, truck and bus body manufacturer
There’s a little bit of Sherlock Holmes involved–finding out what’s really going on rather than the puff and pageantry.
— President, filtration company
Thank you…for taking the time…to address the members of the Automotive Market Research Council…Your presentation sparked a lot of interest and I have had several requests for a copy of your presentation.
— Market Research Coordinator, major chassis manufacturer
[Your]…research has been invaluable in [our company’s] marketing and planning.
— Division General Manager, major filtration group
I am always pleased with the quality of your work, and if you think of other ways we can work together, let me know.
— President, major filtration group
Your letter concerning [your client’s] interest in purchasing…I appreciate your open straightforward approach.
— Leading wire cloth manufacturer
Owners were intrigued by the openness of your approach…
— Custom filter manufacturer
Your report on Liquid Filters was a thorough review of the market…I commend you on a comprehensive report and sincerely appreciate its value.
— Corporate consultant
I think your report was very good…
— CEO, filtration company
…skill and professionalism throughout the entire process helped us to complete this transaction efficiently and speedily.
— International Group CEO, leading filtration group
[Company] President is elated with…Madan’s efforts for his company.
— President, filtration company
We are using the first two modules EXTENSIVELY! Great information and thorough as usual!
— Marketing Manager, truck and bus body manufacturer
I am using your study in my 2002 Plan for our corporate.
— President, truck body manufacturer
Thanks for sending the confidential business description for [your client]. You certainly did a thorough and professional job with that document.
— Principal, equity advisory firm