ACCUBEAT Market Research Export strategy
ASIACOM Market Research Export strategy
ASTEC Competitive Analysis Acquisition
AT&T Market Research Strategic planning
BANQUE PARIBAS Market Research Due diligence
BHF BANK Feasibility Study Feasibility study for $650 million loan financing
BINS LTDA., BRAZIL Product Line Divestiture Product line divestiture to Rogers Corporation
BROWN-BOVERI, SWITZERLAND Market Research U.S./Europe growth opportunities for large hp engine components
CARBORUNDUM/KENNECOT Market Research World component markets
CARBORUNDUM/WEYBURN DIV. Acquisitions Strategic acquisitions of world diesel camshaft manufacturers
CARLISLE, MOTION CONTROL DIV. Acquisitions/Licensing Acquisition/license search, U.S./European brake manufacturers
CHARLES INDUSTRIES Market Research Market planning
DAIRNLER BENZ Market Research World engine markets
DUPONT Market Research Market planning
FMC CORP. Market Research Crawler tractor potential in Asian country markets
GARRETT, AIRESEARCH DIV. Marketing Plan Worldwide growth potential for automotive turbochargers
GEC DIESELS, U.K. Market Research Worldwide engine market size and growth
GENERAL MOTORS, DETROIT DIESEL Market Research Worldwide engine and component markets
GLASSEC VIDROS DE SEGURANCA Divestiture Divestiture of Company to Apogee Enterprises
IBM Market Research Purchasing planning
ILJIN Market Research Export strategy
IRLEMP, BRAZIL Divestiture Divestiture of Company to Parker Hannifin (“PH”)
JAPAN RADIO Market Research Export strategy
LATONA DIV. Market Research Acquisition
LEX SERVICE GROUP, U.K. Acquisitions Identification of large U.S. distribution companies for acquisition
LUCAS INDUSTRIES, U.K. Acquisitions Acquisition of a U.S. electronics chip manufacturer
LUCENT Market Research Export strategy
MITSUBISHI, JAPAN Market Research Market opportunities for engines and components
MOGURT, HUNGARY (GOVT.) Project Analysis Feasibility for establishing Middle East trailer plant in Dubai
N. IRELAND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Project Analysis Feasibility for establishing engine and shipyard plants
PANASONIC Market Research Market planning
PARKER HANNIFIN, FILTRATION GROUP. Acquisitions/Strategy Growth strategies and acquisitions of various component companies
PARKER HANNIFIN, FINITE DIV. Strategy Strategic evaluation of compressed air filtration markets
PARKER HANNIFIN, RACOR DIV. Strategy/Acquisitions/Marketing/ Spin-offs Acquisitions, divestment to Parker Hannifin, strategic planning, new products, European and worldwide component market research
PERKINS ENGINE, U.S. Market Research Construction equipment market segmentation
PNEUMATIC PRODUCTS, (PPC) Acquisitions Acquisition search for air filter companies
SIMON-DUPLEX Market Research Specialized chassis opportunities
SOSS MANUFACTURING Acquisitions Buy-out of automotive hinge company from Core Industries
STARK MFG., INC. Company Divestiture Sale of company to Horton Industries
TAMPAS CLICK, BRAZIL Strategy/Merger Strategic positioning in Brazil and merger with U.S. company
T.F. HUDGINS, SPINNER II DIV. Strategic Planning/Turnaround Strategic, market and financial turnaround plans
TRW, AUTOMOTIVE WORLDWIDE Market Research Worldwide engine component and new material markets
TUFTS UNIVERSITY Market Research Market potential for air intake heaters
TYTON HELLERMAN(PPC) Market Research Market planning
U.S. DEPT. OF COMMERCE Market Studies Foreign country market analysis
VAN AIR SYSTEMS Strategic Planning Strategic and annual operating plans, industrial air dryers
VELCON FILTERS Licensing European filter licensee search
VOGEL, GERMANY Strategy/Market Plan Chassis lubrication market in the U.S.